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Sign Letters ASAP has been providing wholesale back-lit channel letters to the sign industry for many years. Our team of sign experts are committed to fabricating the highest quality signs.

Our modern and well-equipped manufacturing facilities are located in Kountze, TX, but we ship nationally.

We at Sign Letters ASAP believe in good communication and no surprises. That means you’ll get what you ordered every time.
Every set of channel letters that we manufacture gets the same attention.
We are a family-owned and operated wholesale sign manufacturer with many years of sign experience manufacturing a multitude of different channel letter signs. In fact, we often have a chuckle at how complicated the process was way back when we used to have to bend all the letters by hand, use jigsaws to cut the acrylic faces, and then deal with the headaches of neon!
We still feel that incredible sense of pride when we walk into the shop in the morning to see our fully automated channel letter equipment, from the CNC router table to the Accu-Bend channel letter bender and dedicated staff, preparing to start their day!

We are ready to handle any project, big or small.
We specialize in quick, affordable wholesale channel letters.
We have a list of customers who we’ve done business with so if you ever need a referral (or would like to be added to that list,) just let us know.
Because we own all our sign equipment outright, we do not need to use high prices to pay off equipment loans. This means that we can save you money on great store front letters! We offer custom electric signs as well. Check out our main website to see our offerings. CLICK HERE

We don’t compete with the guys that back lit letters from scrap material in their garage. We do, however, guarantee our product AND our deadlines!
We look forward to speaking with you in detail about your channel letter sign from


Looking to purchase your sign from the leading wholesale manufacturer in the sign industry? If so, then look no further. Sign Letters ASAP has been serving the Kountze, Texas area for many years.

Over that span, we have provided countless businesses with state-of-the-art signs, from lighted channel letters to reverse channel letters. As a family-owned and operated business, we are devoted to maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence for our customers.

This means that when you work with us, our team will work directly with you to design and build a sign that will complement your brand and attract more customers to your business. So, what are you waiting for?

Read on to receive more details about why you should choose us to build a sign for your business.

Your Channel Letters Sign Matters

If you are here, then chances are that you’re running a physical business and you need help increasing your visibility. Whether they’re walking, taking the bus, or driving, people are constantly viewing all of the local businesses in their area by their sign.

A potential customer that sees your sign is more likely to visit your physical location and become a paying customer. However, if you don’t have a sign or if your sign is currently outdated, you could be sending the wrong messages to your potential customers.

At Sign Letters ASAP, our goal is to help you achieve maximum visibility and retain more customers for your business. To do so, we specialize in designing the best signs in all shapes, styles, and sizes.

Whether you need backlit channel letters to improve your business’ exterior look or reverse channel letters to increase your visibility, Sign Letters is the premier provider of channel letters for buildings in Kountze, Texas.

Features and Benefits

At Sign Letters ASAP, we take pride in offering the best channel letters in the sign industry. If you don’t believe us, check out all of these amazing features and benefits that we provide to our customers.

  • Versatility - No matter what size you’re looking for, we can accommodate you. Our channel letters are available from 6in to 15ft.
  • Energy Efficient - Our signs come with 12-volt LED illumination that can save you a lot of money on electrical costs.
  • Wide Range of Options - At Sign Letters ASAP, we offer many types of letter options from front-lit channel letters to custom-shaped logos.
  • Up-to-Date Technology - All of our signs are manufactured with the latest technology to enhance its use.

As you can see, we are committed to only giving you the highest quality services and products. Therefore, if you want to have you sign designed by an exceptional company, look no further than Sign Letters ASAP.

Convenient Channel Letters for Buildings Service

As the #1 provider of channel letters for buildings, Sign Letters ASAP understand that many businesses can’t afford to wait on other services. That’s why we provide convenient sign manufacturing services to give you your finished sign when you need it so you can start converting more customers immediately.

Do you want to how we provide fast and efficient service in Kountze, Texas? Read on below to figure out.

  • No Threshold - Whether you need one or a thousand letters, we’re always here to help you.
  • Quick Production Time - At Sign Letters ASAP, our team fully understands how to work with a sense of urgency without sacrificing quality. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll go straight to work.
  • Same-day Quotes - No one likes waiting all day for a quote. As soon as you reach out to us about your project, we’ll get back to you that day with a reasonable quote before we begin.

Highly Renowned in the Community

For many years, we have helped thousands of businesses receive a state-of-the-art sign that fits their brand. As a result, we have endeared ourselves to the community here in Kountze.

We have worked with several local businesses and have established a strong reputation as a company built on integrity, customer satisfaction, and high-quality service.

We also take our reputation very seriously. Whether you’re running a start-up or a well-established business, we will never take you for granted. When you give us a call, our team will work with you to understand your sign requirements and brand image.

Once this is done, you can sit back and let us create a sign that you’ll always be proud of. We understand that our signs not only represent us, but they also represent our customers.

Therefore, it’s our goal to design the best signs so that your business appears professional and attractive in the eyes of your prospective customers.

Give Us a Call Today for your Lighted, Backlit, and Reverse Channel Letters Needs!

If you are considering adding a new sign to your business, why don’t you select the most reputable company for the job? Give us a call today at (866) 991-SIGN (7446) to receive a free quote.