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All products manufactured by Sign Letters ASAP (“SLA”), are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment, unless otherwise specified in writing. The breakage of lamps, bulbs and neon glass are excluded from the coverage of this warranty.

This warranty does not cover the following conditions: damage or defects caused by the failure to provide a suitable and responsible installation environment for the product; damage caused by impact from other objects, vandalism, damage or loss from acts of nature, misuse, abuse, mishandling, misapplication or faulty wiring by the installer; damages or defects caused by disturbances or surges in electrical service or improper line voltage under load; unauthorized attachments, alterations or modifications; or improper maintenance or normal wear and tear.

SLA shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, which results from the use or the inability to use our product.

Components such as ballasts, transformers, LED power supplies, paint and vinyl carry separate manufacturer’s warranties, which will be passed on to the buyer. Copies of those warranties are available upon request. Ballasts, transformers and LED power supplies should be exchanged under warranty at a local electrical sign supply distributor. Neon tubing carries a maximum warranty of Thirty-Five ($35.00 USD) per unit for 90 days from ship date.

Sign Letters ASAP’s obligation is limited to repair or replacement only, at its election. This warranty does not cover shipping, labor, cost of inspection, removal or repair of defective parts, or the installation of new parts. If a particular product is found to be inoperative or defective, instructions regarding resolution must be obtained from the Customer Service/Sales Department at SLA prior to any corrective action. If a product needs to be returned, permission and instructions must be obtained from the Customer Service/Sales Department at SLA prior to returning via prepaid-transportation to one of our locations. Freight collect return shipments will not be accepted.

Upon receipt and prior to installation or use, customers shall determine the suitability of our products for its intended use and assume all risk and liability.  Warranty covers parts, not labor.


Crating: SLA inspects and tests all signs for proper operation prior to shipment from our factory. SLA ships all signs with crating that meets or exceeds transportation industry standards for common carrier shipments. SLA also photographs all products prior to shipping in order to ensure and document the condition of the product. Once our product has been received and signed for in good condition by the carrier as acknowledged by the bill of lading, our responsibility for the shipment ceases.


SLA will ship per the customer’s instructions. If a freight carrier is not specified, SLA will choose the best possible means of transportation.

Freight Claims:  Title of our product passes to the customer when the shipment leaves our dock. Therefore, the customer is responsible for filing the freight claims. The customer is responsible for immediately opening the carton or crate to inspect for concealed damage. Typically the carrier must be notified within five (5) calendar days (including weekends and holidays), however SLA recommends notifying the carrier within two (2) days since a delay in notifying the carrier could result in the freight company denying the claim.

SLA can and will assist you in any way possible with the freight company. SLA Customer Service/Sales Department: or (866) 991-SIGN (7446).

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